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Cambridge English
General Exams

There are five levels of General Exams ranging from KET (A2) to CPE (C2). The exams KET (A2), PET (B1) and FCE (B2) are also available in a ‘For Schools’ format. The level of English required is exactly the same, but the topics are more focused on subjects adapted to teenagers interests and knowledge.

As a general guide, progressive Secondary school students may take the KET (A2) exam in 1st ESO, the PET (B2) in 3rd ESO and the FCE (B2) in 1st Bachillerato. This is only a guide, some students take the exams earlier than these ages, if they are sufficiently prepared for the exam.

The important exams required in the world of Higher Education and the world of work are accepted to be PET (B1) and intermediate level of English and FCE (B2) an upper level of English.

Please see more exam specific information below.

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Los exámenes de la Universidad de Cambridge son reconocidos como títulos que avalan el conocimiento de la lengua inglesa. Hay más de 12.500 organizaciones alrededor del mundo que reconocen su valía. Por citar algunos ejemplos:departamentos guvernamentales, instituciones educativas y empresas.