native english teacher

“It has been proven that the younger we are, the easier it is to learn another language.
Therefore, give your little ones an opportunity for the future.”

native english teacher


For Early Childhood Education groups we use a wide variety of interactive methods; rhymes, songs, cards, oral games, board games as well as short television programs.

native english teacher


For this stage we try to develop in the children a taste for the classes in such a way that they want to attend, also that they enjoy speaking English and, above all, that they find it entertaining.

Great Little People Program

The Great Little People program focuses on early learning of English, promoting true bilingualism from childhood. It is based on the intuitive acquisition of the language, avoiding depending on grammatical rules or translations. The methodology includes:

  1. Corners Methodology: Activity changes every five minutes, keeping children motivated.
  2. Use of Music: More than 150 songs to reinforce learning.
  3. Diversity of Activities: Phonics corner, Active corner, Creative corner, and Reading corner, each with specific activities.
  4. Technology Inclusion: Interactive materials and use of technology to complement learning.
  5. Teacher Training: Teachers with experience in English and early childhood education, receiving continuous training

English classes for young children IN CARTAGENA


We have recently started a new teaching program in our English courses for young children designed especially for the little ones. Is called Jolly Phonics.

Consists in use sounds they learn to recognize and join them to form words, expressions and phrases.

It's a proven method to correct pronunciation and reading. Once they learn it, they will not forget it.

Jolly Phonics helps them get started and makes learning easier in our English classes for young children.

Join the Native English method to learn English

Starting your child in learning English from a very young age is a great success. At our English academy in Cartagena your children will be able to obtain Cambridge YLE certificates and incorporate a foreign language into their learning from a very young age.

Native English's English classes for children are adapted to the needs of each student. We have introductory and preparation courses for the Cambridge exams at all levels. Furthermore, with our methods you will obtain well-established knowledge that will serve as a basis to continue with more advanced English courses. 

Of course. Our English academy has been teaching English classes in Cartagena for years to students of all ages and applying our effective teaching method with native teachers.