Katie Stuart began teaching English classes at Poligono Santa Ana in 2002 and Jane Stopforth joined the tandem in 2005.

After teaching small groups of students for a few years, we decided to open a small academy in a building in Santa Ana.

After 3 years we saw how the number of students grew and we decided to expand the space.

We currently have two academies designed and equipped to teach English. The main academy has a reception and 7 classrooms, and the smaller academy has 3 classrooms dedicated to teaching the little ones.



English academy in Cartagena

FECEI Spanish Federation of Language Teaching Centers

FECEI is the organization that represents the employers' interests of the language teaching center sector in Spain.

native english teacher

Preparation Center
from Cambridge English

At Native English we have been preparing our students for Cambridge English qualifications for more than 8 years.

cambridge degree

Cambridge University Press
Learning Partner

Our educational alliance with Cambridge University Press gives us a wide variety of resources and support for students.

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Kate Stuart

“Mouth and face of the business. “The definitive Yorkshire Terrier.”

Picture of Jane Stopforth

Jane Stopforth

“The brains and creativity of the business; the reigning techno-queen.”


Vinyet Ruiz

"Queen of the Reception, front of house."


John Connor

"Our very own original Liverpudlian funny man. He's only sad when Liverpool FC loses."

Gurd Kalirai

"Our in-house Indian curry chef and Champion stair runner."

Megan Taylor

“A make-up artist, an artist-artist and a budding musical artist.”

Mike George

"The classical English gentleman with the newsreaders perfect accent."

Josh Milward

“Our bi-lingual techno-spert. His friends say he is the oldest young person they know, mentally a pensioner.”

Ellen Johnson

“Energetic, enthusiastic & dedicated. “A big thinker with a big heart”

Ella Myall

"Our unflappable unbeatable Essex Girl."


Happy, smiling Redhead – Cook by name and Cook by nature!


A Glaswegian Scot – running and climbing through life!

Join the Native English method to learn English

Learning English with native teachers will give you an unmatched advantage. Not only will you get a great understanding of the pronunciation of a native speaker but you will also be able to distinguish different accents.

Yes of course. We have native teachers prepared to teach English even to students who are just starting out. Starting to learn English with a native teacher will get your ear used to the correct pronunciation of each word from the first day.