Tips for the English reading exam


On the path to learning a new language, reading is presented as an essential practice. In particular, in the level evaluation, the English reading test takes on a fundamental role. To prepare effectively, we offer you valuable strategies and tips that will not only improve your reading comprehension skills, but also propel you toward success on your exam.

Chapter 1: Read As Much As You Can in English

The first tip to improve your reading skills is simple but effective: read as much as possible in English. Whether incorporating the habit of reading news in English in the morning or enjoying movies with subtitles in this language, familiarization with everyday expressions will be beneficial.

  • Read for Fun: Keep reading connected to fun. Your English reading exam can be an opportunity to return to your favorite stories and enjoy them in English. Start with short texts that you already know to make reading easier and more enjoyable.
  • Persists in the face of ignorance: If you find an unknown word, don't stop. Continue reading, as it is likely that as you progress through the text, you will understand the main ideas, even if some words are difficult for you. Rereading paragraphs can be beneficial in unraveling meaning.
  • Write down the Unknown Words: Keep a record of words you don't understand and then look up their meaning in a dictionary or ask a friend.
  • Value of Reading in Learning: Remembering that reading not only improves your reading skills, but also your grammar and ability to express yourself in English, can help you overcome moments of frustration.

Chapter 2: Strategies to Increase Your Reading Level

Some specific strategies can boost your reading level in English and facilitate information retention.

  • Reserve Time for Reading: It is essential to allocate a specific space and time for reading. A pleasant environment and quiet hours will allow you to concentrate and improve your skills for the reading exam.
  • Choose a Reading Strategy: Two popular strategies are PRR (Preview, Read, Recall) and SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review). The first focuses on actions prior to the beginning of the text, while the second proposes five steps to improve concentration and retention of information.
  • Scan the Text: Do a quick read of the text, looking for ideas that capture your attention and determining its structure.
  • Evaluate your Understanding: At the end of each section of the text, ask yourself "What is the main idea?" to test your understanding.
  • Take Notes While You Read: Taking notes while reading engages you with the text and makes it easier to remember the main ideas.
  • Take Reading Tests: Use online tools, such as reading tests, to put the effectiveness of the strategies learned into practice.

Remember that in your English reading exam, the answers are found in the text. Identifying main ideas, connecting them, and paraphrasing are key skills to improve your performance. Native English offers you the necessary support to train these skills and achieve success in your English reading test. Get ready to master reading and advance your learning with confidence!