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7 tips to make the most of your English classes

English classes

Signing up for English classes always represents a significant investment, both in time and money. That is why it is essential that you prepare your English classes to make the most of the time you spend with your teacher.

At Native English we are English teaching specialists and we see different profiles of students and analyze their evolution in classes. It has always been said that there are some students with more aptitudes than others, but we think that everything depends on the student's willingness to learn.

What are the classes like at an English academy?

Classes at an English academy are usually made up of small groups, of 5 to 8 students. This group of students has a teacher who guides the class and tries to resolve the doubts of all the students. Since the time each student has to ask questions to the teacher is limited, the student will have to be well prepared and be direct.

Below, we give you some tips on how to get the most out of your English classes.

Tips to get the most out of your English classes

  1. Review the lesson before coming to class

If you take a look at the section of the book or exercises that you will see that day in English class, some doubts will arise that you can ask your teacher. Prepare a list of questions and identifying your doubts is a way to optimize your time in class.

2. Sit with a dedicated partner

Try to get a classmate who works the same as you, since together you will be able to resolve doubts and the learning process will be more enjoyable and effective. In addition, you will have a partner to do the exercises. speaking.

3. Participate during classes

try to be participatory during class, share your doubts, ask questions and pay attention to the comments made by your colleagues, from whom you can learn a lot.

4. Practice conversation exercises during your free time

try practice your speaking in free moments with friends, family and even alone. This will help you achieve fluency, vocabulary and, of course, lose the embarrassment when speaking in English.

5. Identify your needs

Surely there is something that you are better at than others when it comes to learning English. If, for example, you have more difficulties in reading that in the speaking try to focus your efforts on improving that and communicate this to your teacher. Surely he will know how to reinforce you in that aspect.

6. Avoid distractions during class

It is very easy to get distracted by chatting with colleagues about things that are not relevant at the moment. Try to focus your attention on the content you are working on. Anything that is not important can wait until later.

7. Enjoy your English class

The learning process should not only be profitable, but also fun. It is shown that learn in a fun way It is much more productive than learning with boring methods. So always maintain a positive attitude in English class, even on those days when it is more difficult for you to follow the class.

Learning English is a process that can be tedious for many and that is why it is necessary to optimize the time we invest in it in order to achieve results and not be frustrating. The most essential thing is to resort to a center specialized in teaching English. If you are looking for an English academy in Cartagena, do not hesitate to contact us, we have been teaching for 10 years English classes in Cartagena and the opinions of our students support us.