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Meet the team of native English teachers at Native English

native english teachers

From Native English We always want to resolve all your doubts about learning English and preparation for the official Cambridge exams. In previous articles we have explained the advantages of online English classes, what are the preparation centers for the Cambridge exams in Cartagena and What are the benefits of learning with a native English teacher.

As you already know Native English is one of the best English academies in Cartagena and one of the Cambridge exam preparation centers most recognized in the city. There are many aspects that make us stand out from other English academies: we offer online classes, we have very spacious facilities and all our teachers are native speakers.

In fact, this last aspect is the one that our students appreciate the most. At Native English we are so proud of our team of native English teachers We want to introduce you to some of them.

Our native English teachers

  1. James Bird

James is one of the native English teachers who looks after the youngest students at the academy. This young Welshman arrived in Spain 9 years ago and declares himself an absolute fan of potato omelette with onion and octopus. Although he misses his family in the United Kingdom very much, he says that he would not change Spain for anything.

James loves his job as an English teacher, which is why he does it with great joy and his classes are very fun. The most important thing for him is that his students learn and have a good time during English classes. One of his goals is to be able to write children's books and travel around the world.

native english teacher

2. Megan Taylor

Meg is originally from the northwest of England and has already been in Spain for 5 years. His favorite food is squid and he loves to enjoy the sun. Although he loves our country, he says he misses his family and friends in the UK. She defines her experience as a native English teacher as a box of surprises, you never know what is going to happen to you.

Megan says that she is very afraid of cockroaches, needles and heights, and that her great passion is to travel the world.

native english teacher

3. Rhian Savage

Rhian is from Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom, and has already been living in Spain for 3 years. He really enjoys drinking a tinto de Verano in the sun and says that his favorite place is his parents' garden. Although she loves Spain, Rhian tells us that she misses the huge Tesco supermarkets in the United Kingdom.

Regarding her experience as an English teacher, she affirms that the best things are the students and their coworkers. Without a doubt, the work environment is very important so that you feel comfortable with what you do.

Rhian is afraid of birds and says that in the future she would like to have her own plant store, live in a camper and be able to visit all the countries in Europe. Doesn't sound bad at all!

native english teacher

Now that you know our team of native English teachers, do you dare to attend their classes?

At Native English we have preparation classes for the different official Cambridge exams and we have 10 years of experience in offering English classes in Cartagena.