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Where can I take an English course in Cartagena?

English course Cartagena

If you live in Cartagena, you have in mind taking an English course and you don't know where to do it, either due to lack of information or because you have so many options at your disposal that you don't know which one to choose, you are in the right article.

Most of us Spaniards find it very difficult to learn English, perhaps because it is a language completely different from ours in terms of structure, vocabulary and phonetics, or perhaps because the teaching methodology is not appropriate. That is why, outside of compulsory education, many people seek to take an English course in Cartagena.

We explain some of the ways to teach English in Cartagena and surrounding areas so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

English course in Cartagena: where to do it?

Although there are many English teachers and academies in our city, they are not the only options we have. There are others Very reputable language teaching centers in our city, such as the UPCT language service or the Official Language School.

UPCT Language Service

The UPCT, like all universities, has a language service where you can take courses in English, German, French and even Japanese, for university students and non-university students. Of course, since it is a university service, it will be much cheaper for UPCT students than for those who want to study them without belonging to it.

They are a very valid and very complete option for those who want to study a quality English course in Cartagena.

Official school of Languages from Cartagena

In the Official Language Schools, courses are offered in a multitude of languages and at all levels. Enrolling in one of them is always a good option because at the end of the course you will have your certification available, which will give you points if you take an opposition.

The Official Language Schools are centers specialized in the subject and boast of having good quality in their teaching and very good professionals in their teaching staff.

Private classes in Cartagena

This is the best alternative if you want more personalized teaching adapted to your level. If you are thinking of taking an official exam such as Cambridge or Trinity, “freely”, this is undoubtedly what you need.

A private teacher will focus on you and will be totally dedicated to your teaching. This will speed up the process and be more effective by having all their attention focused on helping you achieve your goals. Yes, it is true that, by having a teacher just for you, the price rises and is less economical than the language service, the Official Language School or any academy, but, if you choose your teacher well, you will be successful. you will be insured.

English academies in Cartagena

This is another option that we can find to take an English course in Cartagena. choose a good English academy certified by Cambridge as a teaching center, will give you great guarantees of success.

Native English, in addition to being an academy with these characteristics, has a staff of native 100% teachers. This doubles the possibility that the English course you are going to receive will be effective and that you will get your certificate without any problem, since you will be used to hearing native accents and communicating entirely in English. Thanks to this, the native accents of the different areas of the United Kingdom will become more familiar to you and your oral and written comprehension and fluency will be excellent.

In fact, many linguists, such as Stephen Krashen, claim that the best way to learn a language, and the one that gives the most short-term results, is through oral comprehension. Those students who focus their teaching on listening, and who practice this skill a lot, listening to native teachers, series and movies in English, etc., they speak and understand English much better.

Pros and cons of each of the options

  • UPCT Language Service: This is a good option if you are a university student, because it will be quite economical and will be comfortable for you, since you will spend a lot of time at the university and you will gather all your classes in the same educational center. However, if you don't live near the university, it may not be entirely convenient to get there.
  • Official school of Languages: The enrollment process is somewhat more laborious than what you may have, for example, in a normal academy, since its places are limited. But it is notable that it is an official body and a certified study center, and that gives it a certain advantage.
  • English academies: cheaper than a private teacher and, depending on the type of method they use, much more efficient in some cases than the Official Language Schools themselves. More personalized teaching than in these centers and with fewer students per class.
  • Particular teachers: the most expensive option, but one of the most effective. Teaching adapted to the needs of the student that usually generates very good results.

If after the aforementioned options, having told you what each one is about and having explained its pros and cons, you still have doubts about where take an English course in Cartagena, go to our website and find out about the Native method and our way of working.

Don't be left without your English certificate.