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Where to study English with native teachers in Cartagena

Where to study English with native teachers in Cartagena?

We have already spoken in other articles  from our blog about the advantages of studying with native teachers and how this improves skills such as listening, one of the most complicated and hated skills in learning English.

But do we really know where to study English with native teachers in Cartagena?

Native teachers in Cartagena

Although, of course, we are not saying that the teaching of qualified teachers is not valid, the truth is that in Spain there is a certain preference for native teachers to learn a language rather than qualified ones.

This leads to a number of advantages such as:

  • Learning English, both academic and colloquial, that helps you understand both a rally and a conversation on the street.
  • That the wealth of vocabulary and expressions be more complete, since, logically, a native person, as a general rule, will always have a wealth of vocabulary much greater than a non-native person.
  • That the pronunciation is better and more natural than that of a non-native teacher. Native teachers are your best option if you are looking to improve your listening and you speaking.
  • That the language is more current, since native teachers are in continuous contact with their language. This implies that they will speak perfect English and the order of the day.
  • That they can also teach you the culture of their country, which will further enrich, if possible, your knowledge of the language.

But, leaving aside the multiple benefits of studying with native teachers, we are going to tell you where you can find native people in our city from whom you can learn:

  • Of course, in Native English. If something characterizes us and we like something about our methodology, it is that we have a teaching 100% native. If you want to have a good pronunciation and find ease when learning this language in the best way,

Native English is your best option.

  • In some tandems: linguistic exchanges in which half of the conversation is done in the native language of one of the participants, and the other half, in the language of the other participant. This is very useful because, in addition to learning the language, you meet people with whom you can communicate and continue practicing it.
  • Visiting establishments whose owners and customers are English speakers: thus, we will learn to demand something in their language and we will also be able to speak it. Furthermore, at the same time, we will learn about its gastronomy and culture, which are always enriching experiences.

Native teachers vs. graduates?

This is the eternal war; the eternal conflict between “yes” and “no”. Are native teachers better? Or are the graduates?

Here there really is not one thing more valid than another, they are just different; Certified teachers and native teachers can teach you and provide completely different perspectives regarding English.

Certified teachers offer quick and effective solutions to common problems that they themselves have probably experienced before. By having previous experience as English students, this means that they know tricks and strategies for better learning the subject that can be quite useful for students.

For its part, we have already commented on the many advantages of studying with native teachers: improvements in speaking and listening, the native pronunciation, or the linguistic and cultural contributions that they make to you.

If you are still doubting whether to have native teachers to learn English effectively, do not hesitate to visit our website or our social networks to convince yourself that it is a very good option.