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6 tips to pass the official Cambridge exams

cambridge exam

We know that prepare for the Cambridge exams It is a difficult process, since it requires a significant investment of time and, if you have taken a preparation course, also money. The Cambridge exams are known for their high level of demand and for granting the title only to those who have actually achieved the level of English required in the exam.

Cambridge exam preparation

To prepare for this type of exam, whether on your own or by attending a preparation course, an investment of time is necessary. The length of the preparation period will depend on how many times you go to class, how much time you dedicate at home and how easy or difficult it is for you to assimilate what you have learned.

An economic investment will also be necessary, not only in the Cambridge exam preparation course, but also in the fee that must be paid to be able to take the exam. The fees for the right to take the Cambridge exam can range from 50 to 250 euros, depending on the certificate you want to obtain. Taking this investment into account, you should take the exam when you feel prepared and confident.

Once you decide to do it, go for it. We know that you will need help and that is why we want to give you some tips to successfully pass the exam and obtain the Cambridge degree, so recognized in the academic and work world internationally.

Tips to pass the Cambridge exam

Follow these tips and you will surely be able to pass the exam and get your certificate.

  1. Read the exercises carefully

We recommend that you read the exercise descriptions carefully and several times. It is normal that, during an exam, a moment of great tension, we read the exercises incorrectly and that this could cost us a failure. Take it easy.

2. Manage time

One of the keys to passing the exam is knowing how much time you can invest in completing each task. There's no point in investing half of your available time in doing one of the perfect exercises if you don't even have time to finish the rest later.

3. Don't throw in the towel at any time

Passing the Cambridge exam is not an easy task. The exercises have some difficulty and may seem impossible to solve at first glance, but stay calm. Do not think at any time that you are doing poorly on the exam, as you will become discouraged and doubts that you did not have before will probably begin to arise.

4. Solve the exercises as you did in class

Surely during your Cambridge exam preparation course You learned a methodology applicable to each type of exercise. Well, in the exam try to follow this methodology, don't try to improvise or do something different.

5. Don't let the panic spread

It may be that in some exercise you encounter some difficulty that prevents you from continuing and causes you to panic. Don't let fear take over, keep a cool head, read and analyze slowly, you will surely find a way to move forward.

6. Think carefully before answering

This point applies especially to the speaking. Before answering, think twice about the question you have been asked and the construction of the sentence you are going to say. Don't try to respond as quickly as possible, as you will only end up with errors.

These are just some tips to apply at exam time. Your success in the exam will depend on prior preparation. We recommend that you attend a Cambridge exam preparation course, since if you prepare the exam on your own it will be more difficult to find those tricks to do it successfully.

How to get the most out of your Cambridge exam preparation course?

As we have just mentioned, the prior and specific preparation For this type of exam it is essential, that is why we also want to give you some advice to make this period as productive as possible.

  1. Take advantage of time in and out of class

Attending preparation classes a few hours a week is very important, but don't limit yourself to just classroom learning. Do exercises at home, practice speaking Outside of class with a classmate, read newspapers and watch movies in English, incorporate the English language into your daily life to become familiar with it.

2. Solve as many exercises as possible

Your English teacher will surely provide you with a large number of exercises and exams from other exams for you to solve. Make the most of these resources, the more you practice, the better you will do on exam day.

3. Learn the methodology

As we have said, to pass this type of exam requires a specific preparation, just knowing English is not enough. In your preparation class you will learn tricks, such as learning to deduce the meaning of a word from the context.

4. Get used to different types of accents

As you know in the speaking the speaker may have different accents and the difficulty of the content will depend on the level of the exam. We recommend that you see movies and series in English from different countries to familiarize yourself with the accents.

That's it for our advice, we hope you find it useful and that you manage to pass the official cambridge exam. If you are looking for a preparation course for the Cambridge exam in Cartagena Native English English Academy offers classes adapted to all levels and also has native teachers and 10 years of experience in teaching English.