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How much do English classes cost in Cartagena?

Cartagena English classes

Those who have already received English classes in Cartagena You may have observed that prices can vary greatly depending on the center and the methodology of the course. If you are thinking about sign up for English classes Decide first what type of course best suits you and what budget you want to invest in it. Let's first see what type of courses exist:

Types of English courses

The COVID 19 pandemic and the consequent social distancing have completely changed some aspects of our daily lives, such as the way we receive English classes, giving rise to new modalities. Let's see what types of modalities you can find when learning English:

  1. In person

These types of classes are the usual ones, in academies, language schools or with a private teacher. These classes can be with a more or less small group of people, or individuals (only teacher and student). The prices of these classes will depend on the number of people who participate in them.

  • On-line

This learning modality has gained much importance since the COVID-19 pandemic began and it was necessary to establish social distancing. To do this you do not need to go to any center, it will only be an electronic device is required (computer, tablet or mobile) to be able to participate in the class.

What does the price of English classes depend on?

If you want to know what type of English course you can afford, you will have to have a slight idea of what each one may cost. The factors to establish the price of the courses are very diverse, we list them below:

  1. Class hours

English courses can be paid, depending on where they are taken, monthly or in full for the duration of an entire course. In any case, the price of the course is usually calculated by the class hours. So the price will depend on how many hours of English classes you want to take. Courses are usually divided into 2, 3 or 4 hours per week.

2. Course modality

There are no major price differences in these two modalities, but considering that online courses do not use, for example, physical facilities, teacher transportation or classroom materials, these types of classes they can afford to be a little cheaper.

3. Number of students

This is, without a doubt, one of the most important points when establishing the price of an English course. The fewer students there are in class the better, since the teacher will be able to focus more on resolving doubts and being aware of the particular difficulties of each student. Therefore, it will be more expensive to receive private classes in which only the student and the teacher are present than classes with more students. In this case, cEach student will have to consider their level of difficulty to decide whether to invest in private classes or group classes.

4. Type of teacher

Receiving classes from a native teacher is a great advantage, since we will work more on oral comprehension and get used to a native accent, but we must also take into account that the classes with native teachers can be more expensive.

5. English level

This applies especially for preparation courses for Cambridge exams. As the level increases, the preparation for these exams becomes more complex and requires teachers with very advanced knowledge of English and specially trained to teach preparation classes for the Cambridge exams.

6. Reputation of the center

We all know that English academies acquire a certain fame throughout their history. The students who have passed through them spread their opinions, good or bad, and this creates the reputation of the center. Therefore, an English academy that has prepared students who have managed to achieve a high level of English and who have obtained the most prestigious English certificates will be able to increase their prices. At the end of the day, what we all consider when purchasing a product or contracting a service is the value for money.

Prices of English classes in Cartagena

Let's now see how much English classes cost in the different study centers present in Cartagena.

Official school of Languages

These centers are public, so Their prices are very competitiveYes, to access you have to go through an admission process, since places are limited. Prices at Official Language Schools vary depending on the level and the language you are going to study. In the case of English the price for the complete course is around 80 euros. In addition, bonuses or exemptions can be obtained in cases such as belonging to a large family or having a certain degree of disability.

English academies

We can find a large number of English academies in Cartagena and, as we mentioned previously, their prices vary depending on the type of class you want to receive. If the classes are support classes, they will probably charge you a price based on the hours of classes you will receive per month, which It is around 60-70 euros per month for group classes.

Language service of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena

You may think that this service is only for students enrolled in the university, but that is not the case. Anyone can request access to these courses, and their price for personnel external to the UPCT is 125 euros for the complete course. If you are studying at UPCT or are a former student then the price is 45 euros.

Classes with private teacher

When looking for private English classes you can find a very wide price range, which It can go from 5 to 20 euros per hour, and very different teacher profiles. Teachers with specific training in language teaching usually have proven methods for teaching their classes that will greatly help the student in their learning process, and of course, their hourly price will be more expensive. We recommend that, if you decide to hire a private teacher, you inform yourself well about their experience and training and that you invest if you want to receive good quality English classes.

We hope that this article has been useful to you and that you have found the information you were looking for about the English classes in Cartagena. Deciding to learn English is an important step that will involve a process in which you will have to invest time and money, so make sure that this investment is worth it by turning to quality professionals.