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7 tips to achieve a good level of English

English classes in Cartagena

The topic we address today in our blog gives us a lot to talk about. If you are regular readers of our articles you will have noticed that we have discussed different topics related to English courses and especially with preparation for the Cambridge exams. Well, today we would like to talk about all those tasks parallel to English classes that we consider necessary for a student to advance with their learning.

To begin with, is it necessary to go to English classes to learn the language?

Our answer in this case is a resounding yes. The methods for teaching English They have been tested for decades and proven effective. These methods are those that are applied today in English academies in Cartagena and in most educational centers. It is true that every day there are more self-taught people who manage to learn a language independently through new methods. In any case, we recommend that you play it safe and go to English academies where you learn with a traditional methodology. If, for any reason, you cannot invest in English classes at this time, you can turn to English learning books available in any public library.

Tips to improve your level of English

This topic gives a lot to talk about. As we have commented in the previous point, receiving English classes It is just the basis of learning. There are many things you can do to complement everything you learned in your classes.

  1. Watch English movies in their original version

Surely every weekend you watch a movie whose original language is English. Well, you can learn a lot with them in different ways depending on your current level of English. We propose three options:

  • If your level is low you can see the original movie with Spanish subtitles, I'm sure that as you read the subtitles you catch a word thanks to the context.
  • If your level is medium you can see the movie in original version with English subtitles. You will be making an effort in both oral and written comprehension and you will surely learn many new words.
  • If your level is high, we encourage you to see the movie in original version without subtitles. You'll probably get lost from time to time but you'll surely get the plot of the movie. This will be a challenge but we are convinced that it will help you a lot to improve your level of English.

2. Get used to reading in English every day

Reading for a little while in English every day is much easier than you think. You can read a few pages of a book that suits your level or a couple of news from English portals such as the BBC. Don't set goals, just start reading, I'm sure that once you understand the context you'll be encouraged and continue. Make sure that what you choose to read is written in a formal language without too many colloquialisms or technicalities that may hinder your understanding.

3. Make a tandem

Do you know what a tandem is? It's about a language exchange. Find someone whose native language is English and who wants to learn Spanish and agree to meet a couple of times a month, or whenever you can, to have conversations and thus practice oral expression. We know this may sound strange, but it is an exchange, that is, it is free and the only thing you will have to do is speak in Spanish with your partner. Why not try it?

4. Search for the lyrics of your favorite songs

Much of the music we listen to today is in English. Surely there are a lot of songs that you muddle through in the shower without knowing the lyrics. We recommend that you search for those lyrics on the internet, you will see how satisfying it is to know what the song says and to be able to sing it correctly.

5. Listen to podcasts to learn English

Podcasts are a great resource for learning, whether it's a language or about a specific topic. On platforms like Spotify you can find many channels to learn English in a fun way. We recommend you explore them, since the podcasts are usually not very long and you can take the opportunity to listen to them during moments such as trips on public transport.

6. Learn a new word every day

This is a widely used method to expand vocabulary. Choose one word in common use every day and look in the dictionary for its English translation. Try to use it mentally that day, that will help you remember it. Do you realize how useful this method can be if you follow it? You can learn 30 new words every month.

7. Take a course abroad

We know that this is not available to everyone, that is why we have left it last. There are many companies that specialize in sale of 2 or 3 week summer English courses abroad. These courses usually include accommodation and may even include some meals. You can choose between several destinations and dates. You will surely wonder what the price of the courses is. Well, this depends on the destination and the duration of the course. We assure you that it is a great experience and that you will meet people from all over the world with whom you will have to understand each other in English.

As you see, there are many things you can do to improve your level in a fun way. Learning a new language is a challenge and it is normal for you to get discouraged at some point, so it is important to do different things that you find fun in which you can incorporate English. If you search English classes in Cartagena To continue advancing in your learning, contact us, we have been helping English students like you for almost 10 years.