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How to recognize good English teachers

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Good English teachers are the key to opening the door of success to those students who are eager to get a degree and learn the language. Obviously, not all the weight lies with them, there must be a prior and real interest on the part of the student, but finding English teachers who offer us quality teaching and help us achieve our objectives is not something that is so easy to achieve. .  

That is why we are going to give you the keys so that you know how to choose your English teachers well and obtain the best possible preparation for your exams.

Are the best English teachers native speakers?

This is the eternal question. We as English academy solely composed of native English teachersYes, we defend it, but the truth is that good English teachers do not necessarily have to be native speakers. Everyone has their pros and cons.

Native English teachers are not only very effective in our ears become accustomed to the different accents that exist, but they also nourish us with cultural wealth, telling us about the customs of their countries of origin and adding extra and relevant information to our training.

For their part, English teachers who are not native speakers tend to have a lot of empathy with the student, since they have also had to be students and learn the language before being teachers. This is an important factor, given that not all students learn at the same speed, and there are some people who have a harder time learning the language than others.

English teacher experience is very important

The fact of being a native or knowing a lot of English from having lived in the United Kingdom or the United States for a few years does not automatically make you a qualified teacher. Knowing English is essential, but there is another reason that has even more influence: knowing how to teach it. Knowing how to teach English or any other language is not that easyWell, imagine having to teach Spanish to a person who doesn't speak any of our language. You probably wouldn't even know where to start.

The teaching method

Not all English teachers follow the same methodology; As it is often said colloquially “every teacher has his little book”, and it is totally true. At the time of choose your English teachers well, it is advisable to research the method they use and if it adapts well to you and your way of learning.

There are teachers whose methods consist of doing practical grammar exercises all the time and neglect other skills such as listening or speaking in their English classes. This is an error that public education often makes and is the main reason for academic failure in learning this language.

Like, it's not the same as you want learn english from scratch Because you don't even know the basics, what you are looking for is to strengthen it and enrich your vocabulary to focus it on the field of business, for example.

The dynamism of the classes of English

Good English teachers ensure that their students have fun in their classes, that they not only learn, but enjoy the learning process and that it is not torture for them to study that language.

This may seem irrelevant, but it really isn't. It is very important, since it has always been said that the teacher and the teaching method play a very important role in whether a subject is loved by its students or not. 

The commitment of English teachers

A committed English teacher will always ensure that his student makes the most of his performance and offers his best, even if that student is not on his best day or at his best moment. You will always make your students feel comfortable in your classes and you may even get emotionally involved with them, which will further facilitate the involvement of parts of them.

Don't insist so much on theory and focus more on practice.

Although theory is very important and every theoretical basis is necessary, it is not the central point around which all learning should revolve. Practice is as important or more important, since it is what will make us know how to emerge victorious from certain situations or, on the contrary, not have the ability and tools to do so. If we do not have enough confidence, if we do not handle the language well because we have not practiced what is necessary, the theory will be of absolutely no use to us.

That is why, increasingly, we are looking for that methodology that focuses heavily on practice and that helps us learn not only the language itself, but also to know how to use it on certain occasions.

We hope that these tips for choosing the English teachers you need, based on their experience, methodology, etc., have been helpful and useful to you. However, intuition is also a good tool, sometimes, for decision making. Be guided by these “tips” that we have given you and from your own experience, and surely you know how to choose your English teachers perfectly.