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4 things that every English academy should have

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We have already talked on other occasions about finding a good English academy that prepares you to face exams like Cambridge, and also teach you English in a way that you like it and it is not torture for you to study it, it is not an easy task. Many are the english academies who advertise themselves by offering “miracle methods”, infallible, to learn English and which of course are not at all what they say.

In fact, we will all remember that method that came out a few years ago, which claimed that you could learn English by studying one word of this language every day. Because of course, by studying a word a day you know perfectly how a sentence is structured, what verb tenses exist, etc. Yes, it is true that vocabulary is the bulk of a language and that by having a rich vocabulary you have most of the work done, but that is not everything.

We must know how to choose very well in the hands of which professionals we are going to leave our learning.

But then what does a good english academy to be your best option? We explain it to you.

Requirements that an English academy must meet

  1. Academy facilities

Although it seems the least relevant in teaching, the facilities of an English academy play a very important role in our learning, even if we do not believe it. And not just those of English academies, those of any training center, whatever the level.

It must be taken into account that We are going to spend several hours in our English academy and, therefore, it is essential to be comfortable. If, on top of that, you have to be there for many hours, the chairs are not comfortable, it is very cold or very hot, they do not have blackboards, or any other impediment, this can mean that we do not concentrate as we should or we do not learn as we would like.

Of course, cleaning must also be mentioned. In itself, it is quite uncomfortable to go to a classroom that does not comply with the necessary hygienic measures, but, on top of that, this year and with the covid-19 pandemic, these hygienic-sanitary needs multiply, turning cleanliness into something essential.

2. Teachers trained to teach English classes

This is FUNDAMENTAL in any English academy that is positioned in the top positions. It's not enough to just know English, you have to know how to teach it too. Experts recommend trying to have bilingual or native teachers, especially the seconds. Because? Because hearing a language from people who were born in a country where it is an official language prepares our ears and helps us understand it better.

On the other hand, it is also true that not all native speakers or all bilinguals are good teachers, since, as we have said, it is one thing to know a language and another to teach it. Be a teacher in a English Academy, institute, college, university, or whatever, not only does it imply having a full knowledge of the language, it also means ensuring that your students enjoy learning it and that they gradually overcome obstacles; It is having patience, desire and awareness... And not everyone is good for it.

3. Suitable material for learning English

Using suitable material is also very important; the best to prepare Cambridge exams They are the very books that Cambridge offers. Any English academy specialized in the preparation of this type of exams will use these materials for their classes, even if they combine them with other books or other materials such as movies, songs, etc.

Not only are the books and materials important, but so is the methodology. It is essential that your English academy uses a appropriate methodology that is effective and prepares you well to face the necessary tests to obtain your certificate.

At Native English we use what we call the “Native Method” which basically consists of an iLinguistic immersion in the English language with native 100% teachers. Our teachers, in addition to being native speakers, are from different areas of the United Kingdom, which implies an enriching mix of accents that will prepare our students to understand everything from a person from London to a person from Wales.

4. Teaching experience

As we have mentioned, it is also very important that the people who are in charge of our training are previously trained. It is not enough to know a language, you have to know how to teach it, and that is something more complicated. It is necessary to know tricks, materials and resources that help students to better understand what we are explaining to them; It's no use listening to a lot of English if you're not able to understand, even a 50%, of the conversation you're having with them.

If, on top of that, the English academy that prepares you is backed by years of experience and optimal results from the students they have prepared, this becomes a good option for you.

In summary and referring to everything we have mentioned, there is nothing that is not important. Everything, to a greater or lesser extent, has its importance and forms a set of requirements that every English academy or training center, whatever its nature, must meet to help your students achieve their goals. If the English academy you are looking for does not meet any of these four fundamental and necessary requirements, it is better to look for another. Native English, one of the best English academies in Cartagena, meets the four requirements mentioned above and we are specialists in preparing for the Cambridge exams.