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Do you want to know where to prepare for the Cambridge exam in Cartagena?

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The Cambridge exams are a headache for many people due to their difficulty and demand. That is why they need a quite high level of involvement and preparation, which, if it is also accompanied by a good learning method, can guarantee success in that obstacle course that is the Cambridge exams.

If you are from the beautiful port city of Cartagena and you don't know which academy to choose to prepare for the Cambridge exams, you are in the right blog. We are going to tell you where prepare for the Cambridge exam in Cartagena.

How to choose a good English academy where you can prepare for the Cambridge exam in Cartagena

Regarding preparation for this type of exams, the range of possibilities is enormous and is growing more and more, but we must know how to choose where they are going to prepare us best. The general tendency is to be guided by price: in general, in Spain we tend to want the best at the lowest price. Obviously, we are not stupid. But it is often said that you pay for quality and this also applies to products. Cambridge exams.

Of course you can find where to prepare for the Cambridge exam in Cartagena at lower prices than those offered by a good qualified and certified academy, but will this preparation really be adequate?

In recent years and seeing the demand for Cambridge degrees, the proliferation of language preparation academies has skyrocketed, but so has fraud. Academies that claimed to be Cambridge exam preparation centers and that they really weren't; They used deceptive practices to attract students, low prices, but also low quality and poor teaching. This also entailed promises of achieving impossible goals and tarnishing the name of the rest of the academies.

That is why we insist a lot that we must know which centers really prepare for these exams and not be guided by “offers” and low prices a priori, no matter how attractive they may seem.

What does a good English academy have to have where you can prepare for the Cambridge exam in Cartagena?

There are some key points that everyone should have English academy that is really good and efficient, and are next:

  • Of course, good teachers. There are many English teachers, but good qualified English teachers, not so many. A native does not have to be a good teacher if he has been a salesperson, for example. Just like hiring foreign students to teach us English but who have no teaching experience, it doesn't have to mean learning the language either. Maybe we would improve listening, but writing or reading comprehension, what?
  • Methodology. It is not easy to find a center that adapts its methodology to your way of learning. Not all of us learn in the same way and at the same speed. In addition, all skills must also be worked on: highly theoretical teaching will never be effective if we want to learn English. You have to practice, participate in class, etc.
  • Professional experience of the training center. This is also very important to avoid falling into frauds like the ones we mentioned above. We must find out how many years he has been teaching the English academy in Cartagena or surrounding areas, the pass rate and the results obtained by its students, whether it is truly a preparation center for the Cambridge exams, etc.
  • Number of students per class. This seems silly, but it isn't. The more students there are, the less personalized the teaching you receive will be and the less depth can be given to those skills in which you are weak. This affects quality because the student does not receive the attention he needs and therefore his preparation is affected and he may not achieve his objectives.    
  • Tutorials and communication with the student. Although this seems more typical of schools or institutes, it is essential in any type of education. Having ease of contact with the teacher when dealing with doubts or problems is a plus point. Whether the student is a minor or an adult, the fact that the teacher knows how to advise and guide you to better focus your learning is something very positive and distinctive.

So that, English classes in Cartagena there are many, but find where prepare for the Cambridge exam in Cartagena It can be a little more complicated if you don't know how to search or choose wisely. Native English stands out and is one of the Cambridge exam preparation academies best known in Cartagena, not only for their quality in teaching, but for having native and trained teachers. Also for having been preparing for this type of exams for more than eight years and for the passing rate we have.

We hope this article has been useful to you. If you want more information get in touch with us.

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