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Why look for an English academy in Cartagena to prepare for the Cambridge exam


Cambridge exams are the most requested worldwide; English is a necessary tool if you want to live, work or travel abroad and not only necessary, but also required. Many companies require having a Cambridge certificate that guarantees that you have the level of English that you say you have, and many workers are forced to prepare for these exams if they want to find a future opportunity abroad. That is why it is necessary that they prepare you well.

find a good English academy in Cartagena, to help you obtain optimal results in the Cambridge exams and to prepare you for the working and general world, is not an easy task.

Find English classes in Cartagena

As we have said, there are many English academies in Cartagena that offer you English courses, preparation for official exams, etc., but preparation for this type of exams does not only depend on knowing how to do many exercises or understanding a text in English: it goes much further.

It is necessary to reinforce skills such as speaking or the listening, which, generally, are also the skills that most bother most English learners. This is mainly based on the fact that they are the least practiced in compulsory education (primary education, ESO, high school...), due, for the most part, to lack of time in terms of programming. Both skills take a backseat because it is considered more important to know grammar or writing, and this means that, if you need to improve your speaking and listening, you have to find an English academy in Cartagena, Murcia, or wherever you live.

Of course, there are many highly qualified professionals to prepare you for these exams, but, if that professional is also a native english speaker, the possibilities of reinforcing these skills multiply. That is why at Native English we only offer native teaching, because we believe that it will be much more efficient for our students.

On the other hand, such is the level of demand that the Cambridge exams increasingly demand more and, therefore, their difficulty increases. One of the many advantages of having a native English speaker prepare you for these exams is that you will be familiar with their accent.

In the United Kingdom alone there are more than 40 different dialects and accents. This means that you may understand a Londoner perfectly, but then not be able to understand someone from Manchester. And this is something they play with a lot in the Cambridge exams; They use recordings for listening of English speakers from different areas to see if your hearing is developed enough to understand them. And this, like everything, requires good training and prior preparation.

Criticisms about the Cambridge exams

As for the Cambridge exams, they are not all flowers and joy... There are also many criticisms. The length of the exams is criticized, the time that has to be spent doing them (much longer than that used for Trinity, for example), and that, as we have mentioned, the level of difficulty is increasing.

There is also talk of business and a kind of “plot” by different companies and entities, due to the fact of requiring these exams instead of others. Yes, it is true that they are very complete, but is it true that there is a business behind them or are companies simply looking for quality certificates? If so, start looking for English classes in Cartagena, dear reader, because you will need them if you want to get any of these titles.

Tips to get a good English academy in Cartagena or a good teaching of this language

It is very important that we know, first of all, what level we are starting from and what our strengths and weaknesses are in terms of English, in order to be completely right when it comes to finding a English academy in Cartagena, Our city.

But how do I know if an English academy is better or worse, or adapts to what I want?

  1. It is quite useful to ask acquaintances or friends who have found a good English academy in Cartagena or good Cambridge exam preparation courses, especially if they have obtained optimal results.
  • It is also effective to look at the reviews of different English academies to see which one best suits your needs.
  • On the other hand, it would be interesting to ask about the pass rate that the English academy usually has in the Cambridge exam sessions.

If you are still not sure what to look for good Cambridge exam preparation courses or a good English academy in Cartagena is what will guarantee good results in the increasingly difficult Cambridge exams, go to our website or our social networks and discover for yourself the Native English Method, with which we have been preparing our students for these tests for more than eight years.

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